Reviews & Testimonials

We hired Kaleidescope for our wedding at Thalatta Estate and were VERY happy. They were genuinely interested in making sure we had a good time and were available for phone calls, emails, and meetings we requested months before the wedding. Everyone at our wedding said the band was amazing! I cannot say enough good things about this group!”

Jeremy Scott

Miami, Florida

I love these guys. I saw Kaleidoscope at Mardi Gras Casino and couldn't stop dancing. The singing and the harmonies gave me goosebumps and brought back all sorts of memories. I follow them on facebook and sometimes invite friends to their shows and we dance all night. My favorite is when Jessica sings Midnight Train to Georgia!”

Liz Franklin

Boca Raton, Florida

Thanks for making our night at Seminole Casino such a blast!! I absolutely love Kaleidscope and now I'm hooked. Those are the songs I grew up listening to so whenever I hear them I have to get up and dance. Say hello to Jes!!!”

Maureen Stone

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I saw Kaleidoscope at Boondocks in Ramrod Key and they rocked the house. That's some drummer you got there. Let me know when you're down this way again and I'll def be there!!!”

Devon Jackson

Key Largo, Florida

I normally don't go out on a Saturday night, but I my friend insisted I come see the band. I ended up having the most amazing time dancing. OK We had a little too much fun but it was worth it!! Hope to see you guys next month again at NYY”

Deliah Sorenson

Hollywood, Florida

You were recommended by Nancy Myers and played at my aunt's party. Not sure how things were going to turn out because my aunt is very picky but you guys nailed it especially with the singing and also she was stoked you had a sax. Thanks for coming to Orlando.”

Matt Calloway

Orlando, Florida